Courage to Open Doors of Europe

Attention Be Curious


24 youngsters, 8th to 16th of July, 2019 in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (France)

Presentation day of the youth exchange and the project to the elected people from Cherbourg-en-Cotentin and families
Cherbourg discovery evening, group is united
Tiredness of the MPTLL group at the end of the youth exchange
Day in the Provinces neighborhood, with youngsters and their families
Panels traducted in German, Macedonian and French
Menus conception, with three diffents languages, it's not easy
Multilanguages interviewes during local event
Picnic at Colignon's beach. Discovering activity of sand yachting
Menu's presentation, debriefing from the kitchen team
Exhibition workshop
Collective creation of a tarp with the help of Pierre from Walkart association
Evening diner together. Great moment of sharing
Training to prepare presentation day of the youth exchange to elected people
Energizer during the presentation day
Sharing moment for the last time together
Youth workers, head director from MPTLL and elected people speeches at the end of the presentation day
Great moment of sharing and good vibes

Song written and composed by participants during the youth exchange

Comeback on the youth echanges with pictures

Making off of the recording of the song

The choregraphy was created on the Angèle song "Balance ton quoi" with the opening day organised to close the youth exchange