Courage to Open Doors of Europe

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catégorie 1 What is C.O.D.E aBc ?

C.O.D.E a.B.c (Courage To Open Doors of Europe) is the name of youth project who are interested by international youth exchange and different cultures. The topic of the project is Humans rights and fighting against discriminations. The aim of the project is to meet other cultures, to open minds and learn about sharing.

C.O.D.E a.B.c is several youth organiations from different countries. Youth exchanges from 2019 to 2021 bring together Germany, France and North Macedonia. This project take place during the whole year with several meeting with debates, workshop to create tools for workshop with other youngsters and games named "Energizers". To prepare international meeting, we also did camps.

C.O.D.E a.B.c is supported by OFAJ (French-English Youth Office) and other local funding.
This project is also financed thanks to self-financing like barbecues during local events.
International youth exchanges produce lots of effects in each countries.
International youth exchanges give the opportunity to youngsters to meet themself, to getting to know each other and to share point of views on different topics. In theses Youth exchanges, different activities, workshop and sharing time takes place.

catégorie 1C.O.D.E aBc seen by youth workers

C.O.D.E aBc, Courage to Open Doors of Europe :
To people who aren't born in,
To the young people who believe that international mobility isn't for them,
To the countries which are not part of European Union yet.

C.O.D.E aBc is a project between 3 organisations from Germany, North Macedonia and France who works together since ten years. A project coordinated and animated by people who wants to work and cooperate together for the youth and meeting, solidarity and opening values.

C.O.D.E aBc is common non-formal education project which started with common training of sixteen youth workers from the three countries.
C.O.D.E aBc is an international team who was trained in may 2019 in Germany and who regulary share practices and skills.
C.O.D.E aBc is a team who gripped digital skills during Covid pandemy.

C.O.D.E aBc is a long term project 2019-2021 in which younsters and youth workers are trained together to share localy to other youngsters values, practices and to motivate to meet other people.
C.O.D.E aBc is a reflexion and a training about Humans rights and fight again discriminations.
C.O.D.E aBc is yougsters who become youth workers.

C.O.D.E aBc is a project which generate others in local and international scales.

C.O.D.E aBc is from 2018 (co-construction) to 2021.
Today (Spring 2021) is it 48 youngsters from the 3 countries and 25 youth workers.
Today, more than 300 people outside from the project who benefits of C.O.D.E aBc thanks to debates, workshops, exhibitions and lots of other invisible things.

C.O.D.E aBc is still motiivated youngsters who are preparing youth exchange plan in July 2021 in North Macedonia. Yougsters wants to get more knowleged about the topic.