Courage to Open Doors of Europe

Attention Be Curious


24 youngsters, from 25th of July to the 3rd of August, 2019 in Bad Blankenburg and Erfurt (Germany)

Tiredness of the french group at Paris station. Youth exchange takes 10 days and it's intense !
Time to share wirstbands "Open Minds and Open Hearts which will be distributed to Bad Blankerburg and Erfurt people to engage discussions
First group picture, proud and happy to be together. The mayor Mike George is proud too
First links created through team games. Sometimes playing break language barriers
Sharing housework but always in group ! Another way to meet
Enhance links thanks to canoe. We need to be inclusive, talk and encourage ourselves
35 people together during 10 days needs briefing points, like here in Bad Blankendburg Jugendhaus
Graffiti discovering. We make and create together positive messages and local artists carry us
The group and its meeting during the discovery day. 10 days of common life created links
Evening debriefing despite tiredness. We all don't speak a great english but activities make it easier
The group in front of the artists wall (themselves of course)
Balloons aren't ecologic but their messages were against hate and discriminations, so it compensates
Last reflexion in Bad Blankenburg before going to Erfurt. We learn lot of things and it's important to relax and be aware of it
Sharing rooms in Erfurt with international groups. Dailylife with people who didn't have the same laguage : not easy, but finally that's crazy
Workshop about creation with smartphones, because we all have one of this and we don't think enough how to use it in the right way
Always someone to propose an energizer. Here before a photography workshop
Everybody concentrate during energizer explanations

Come back on the youth exchanges by videos