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  • What is an International Youth Exchange ?

    An international Youth Exchange is a step during a project with a topic like Humans Rights, Fighting against discriminations, racism, sexism for example. This project bring toghether different Youth Organisation in different countries like Germany, North Macedonia, France or Poland to speak only about them. Then the preparation of this Youth excahnge start months before. In this preparation time, there are group composition, with youngsters from 14 to 18 years old, project presentation and activities which can be lead in each organisations linked to the topic

    Youth exchange period is the moment where all the people from the project meet and spend 10 days all together in the hosting country. During this time, the topic of the project will be approached with all the participants. Their presence highlights an international reflexion on a topic that concerns all of us. Youth exchange is also the union of a group under the same banner. During this cultures and neurones moments we are living a very enchiring moment. Meetings that we are doing and personnal challenges which is to spend 10 days in unknown place with new people are something unique. All the things learned and lived during youth exchange will be usefull back to home, in terms of point of view about a topic or personnal feelings we grow up from this king of experience.

  • Do we need to speak english to do International youth exchange ?

    To do International youth exchange, it's not needed to know how to speak english. There are other way to communicate with someone who don't speak your language like gestures.
  • Does the language is a barrier ?

    No, the language is not a barrier. To have exchange with someone is not only speaking, we can communicate in lots of differents way (dancing, mimes…)
  • What do we do during international youth exchange ?

    We have a schedule for each day with activities, workshops, outside activities, We also have to manage the dailylife (Meals, Cooking, Cleaning, Shopping)
  • Does the trip is not too long ?

    The trip is long, it can be longer when we have some adventures during the way (Train delay, vigipirate..). Sleeping is the main activity of the trip but we also have fun because we are in group.
  • Do we eat salty in the morning ?

    German breakfast can be salty with meat for example. But the choice is not limited to this, we can also find some sweet food like the ones we can eat in France
  • Do we have time for ourself, free time ?

    During Youth exchange, the schedule is split in several activities, there is also free time, we don't hesitate to be together and spend time together. We can continue to getting to know each other in non-formal way. When it's free time in the city is it the moment where the locals show us their city and typical places.